Кинотеатр "Мир"

г. Минск, ул. Козлова, 4А+375 (17) 288-22-33

Mir is a large-format cinema. Opened on 29 December 1958. One of the oldest cinemas in Minsk.

The cinema has 2 comfortable cinema halls with soft armchairs with a total capacity of 538 seats:

1 hall-350 seats;
2 hall (superior) - 188 seats.
Technical equipment consists of a powerful surround sound system Dolby CP 500D (in one room) and Dolby CP650 (in another), MEO 5x projector (in each room).

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Кинотеатр «Мир» - в Ценральном районе минска, афиша, описание, билеты и фильмы, как добраться