The musical detective Jack the Ripper

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21 сентября - 26 января
90 min.
Молодежный театр эстрады
12.00 rub. -  16.00 rub.
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November 26 and December 16 at 19.00 on the stage of the Variety Theater premiere of the musical detective "Jack the Ripper" 16+


The detective is one of the most popular and beloved genres, which keeps the viewer in suspense and carries away with its mysterious story. You are given the opportunity to become direct participants in detective events. With the help of dynamic vibrant music, a sharp plot, original sets and costumes, bewitching performances and interactive with the auditorium, we will immerse you in the atmosphere of a real detective.


Viewers have to solve the mystery of the XX century: who is Jack the Ripper? This is a real investigation with a logical chain of events and a sharp mesmerizing plot. The action begins with the arrival of a new investigator in the city, who is to investigate a series of high-profile crimes. A young investigator, understanding the circumstances of the case, gets acquainted with the main witnesses: the Doctor and his beautiful daughter Marie. He loses his head from Marie’s clear blue eyes, making it harder to investigate. Witnesses Madame Manik, Elsa and the local fortuneteller are throwing new circumstances into this confusing affair. It turns out that in this crime among the local townspeople appear also royal people. But the main thing that drives the investigator crazy and interferes with the investigation is the personal story of his birth, it is this secret that will become the key to solving the confused detective story.


Lyrics and songs by Vladislava Artyukovskaya
Composer - Alexander Sukharev
The main choreographer is Tatyana Trofimova
Choreographer: Denis Koshevoy
Artist - Yuri Borisevich

Investigator - Ruslan Chernetskiy
Marie - Ekaterina Muratova
Rogue, Baron - Alexander Savanets
Doctor - Alexander Sukharev
Prince - Dmitry Nikitin
Duchess - Janet
Madame Manik - Ekaterina Medvedeva
Elsa - Olga Kolesnikova
Fortuneteller - Inga Kiseleva
Policeman - Vasily Melnychek

In the images of the inhabitants of the city is the dance project “Fusion”.


Organizer: GTZU "Youth Variety Theater".

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