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29 марта - 21 апреля
160 min.
Рэспубліканскі тэатр беларускай драматургіі
18.00 rub. -  19.00 rub.
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Premiere of the play "Profit" on the stage of the Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama

A play based on Alexander Ostrovsky's " Profitable Place "


Directed by: Alexander Gartsuev
Set designer: Yuri Solomonov
Costume designer: Marina Alekna
Composer: Dmitry Friga


Genre: Tragicomedy from the life of civil servants in two parts
Premiere: April 10, 2020
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission


Where is the world rolling? What is wrong with modern society?
Surprisingly, Alexander Ostrovsky asked the same questions in the middle of the XIX century on behalf of his character Zhadova in the play "Profitable place". Almost a century and a half has passed, and the questions remain relevant.

Everyone has their own life principles. One chooses money, financial well-being, wealth. The second - spiritual wealth, honesty, responsibility, honor. Everyone has their own benefit from such a life choice, their own profit. But who will win?


And if you add love to these values? Do we have the right to make another person hostage to our decision, or should we compromise for the sake of love?


A modern look at eternal questions about human values in Alexander Gartsuyev's new production at RTBD.



I wanted to - Artsyom Kuren

Pauline - Anna Semenyaka, Ekaterina Zhaludok

Yusau - Maxim Braginets, Andrei Novik

Belagubov - Vladislav Nozdrin, Maxim Shyshko

Julia - Grazyna Bykova, Maria Petrovich

Kukushkina - Lyudmila Sidarkevich, Halina Chernabaeva

Vyshnevsky - Konstantin Voronov, Andrei Dobrovolsky

Vyshnevskaya - Anastasia Bobrova, Natalia Kholodovich

Mykin - Ilya Yasinsky, Nikolai Stonko

Dosuzhau - Dmitry Davidovich, Nikolai Stonko

Nobody - Victor Bogushevich, Valentin Solovyov


Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama

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