Кар"ера доктара Рауса (16+)

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26 января - 19 февраля
160 min.
Рэспубліканскі тэатр беларускай драматургіі
15.00 rub. -  16.00 rub.
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Performance "Career of Dr. Raus" on the stage of the Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama


Genre: historically inaccurate tragicomedy
Author: Victor Martinovich
Director: Alexander Gartsuev
Artist: Andrei Merankov
Costume designer: Tatiana Lisavenko

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission


People who were born before their era. What do we know about them? Dry historical facts, dates and figures, portraits in textbooks. We know their achievements, which are natural and imperceptible for us today. But we hardly think about how such people lived, how they felt, how they were treated by others and what it cost them to be obsessed with their ideas, which changed the lives of all mankind. Dr. Rouse's career is the story of a man born long before his time. And his name is Frantsysk Skaryna.


Roles are performed by:

Doctor - Dmitry Davidovich, Artsyom Kuren
Manager - Maxim Braginets, Andrei Novik
Vice-rector - Maxim Braginets, Andrei Novik
Ravitski, Judge, Chief - Andrei Dabravolski
Datyshak, Datyshkovsky, Datyshkin - Sergey Shimko
A nice boy in breeches - Marat Vaitsyahovich, Maxim Shyshko
Bishop - Nikolai Stonko, Ilya Yasinsky
Lawyer, nurse - Victor Bogushevich
Melanchthon - Konstantin Voronov
Luther - Valentin Solovyov.


Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama

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