Star shadow

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9 октября
110 min.
Drama, Melodrama, Music, Detective
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The popular rapper comes on tour in St. Petersburg. His fans adore and wait, he is at the peak of fame, he is confident in himself. Together with the star, his manager, musicians and a girl come.

Suddenly an attempt is made on a musician. He miraculously manages to escape death, but his manager decides to hire a security guard. It turns out that the guard is ... a girl. She is a professional in her field, but in the brutal world of rap women have to deal with it. The bodyguard understands the star’s entangled relationship and understands that each of the rapper’s entourage could wish for his death. At a crucial moment, the “bodyguard” saves his life. However, she learned too much, and the musician comes time to save her bodyguard.

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