Мир Юрского периода 2

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12 июля - 1 августа
132 min.
Action, Fantastic, Adventure
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On the island of Nublar, where not so long ago an amusement park with dinosaurs was located, the wildlife ruled, but a suddenly awakened volcano threatens to wipe dinosaurs from the face of the earth. Former fleet manager Claire Deering has retrained as a defender of endangered species and is trying to do everything to save prehistoric animals. Eli Mills comes to her - the confidant of billionaire Benjdamine Lockwood, who many years ago was an associate of Professor Hammond. Mills invites Claire, who is familiar with the park’s security system, to go to the island and help him catch a few individuals to take them to another safe island. Claire even manages to persuade her ex-boyfriend, trainer Owen, to take part in a rescue mission, but upon arrival at the park, it turns out that Mills has completely different goals.

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  • Мир Юрского периода 2 в кинотеатрах Беларуси. Афиша кино, расписание сеансов, трейлер. 🎫 Купить билеты