Мюзикл - притча " Ты і я "

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14 апреля
90 min.
Music, Musical
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The musical parable "You and Me"

Unique project show. The inspiration for the creation of the musical was the most famous painting on the theme of love by Marc Chagall "Walk", where he walks on the ground, and she floats in the clouds. The musical parable reveals the theme of love, as the main meaning of life, creative love, eternal love. The main characters in the musical: he and she as a symbol of male and female principles, eternity, instant, day and night. The storyline of the performance begins with the fact that the night wanted to experience love, like an ordinary person. She intervenes in the fate of man. The young guy is destined to meet his beloved. And night replaces the girl appointed by fate. But to tame the love of the night fails. Because even an ordinary person has a power that is not available to the gods, the power of love. Eternity is accessible to people, because they will rise again and again in the eyes of their children and in the smiles of the children of their children. The philosophical theme of the musical is revealed in soulful lyrics, complex vocal parts reveal the beauty of the melodies written by the composer. And the complex choreographic drawing of the ballet is an actor who reveals the meaning of the performance.


Very original scenery reflecting light. The white clothes of the characters in the modern style allows them to become a kind of screen for video projections.
Spectators are immersed in this amazing story of sleep and reality and amazing music. All songs are written in Belarusian. The melodiousness of the Belarusian language allows you to create an incredible musical solution to the musical, weaving and synthesizing such musical directions as modern folk and rock.


The author of the musical material is the famous composer Alexander Sukharev
Lyrics and songs by Vladislava Artyukovskaya
Production - Artistic Director of the Theater Vladislav Artyukovskaya

The main choreographer is Tatyana Trofimova
Choreographer: Denis Koshevoy
Artist - Olga Gritsaeva
Lighting Designer - Igor Krivulko
Videography - Vadim Nikrevich

The program includes : Veronika Grigorovich, Inga Kiseleva, Alexey Gross, Alexander Savanets, Olga Kolesnikova, Nikita Kostyukevich, ballet of the Fusion Theater

Organizer: GTZU "Youth Variety Theater"

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Мюзикл-притча «Ты и я» 12+Уникальный проект-шоу.Вдохновением для создания мюзикла стала самая известная картина на тему любви Марка Шагала «Прогулка», где он идет по земле, а она плывет в облаках. Мюзикл-притча раскрывает тему любви, как главного смысла ж