Концертная шоу - программа " На стиле "

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29 октября
90 min.
Concert program, Show program
12.00 rub. -  16.00 rub.
Age restrictions:

The viewer will be opened a door to the editorial office of a fashion magazine, where style and music are combined.

As if at a glamorous fashion show, vocal and choreographic performances from theater artists harmoniously replace each other. The bright spotlights, costumes and the whole set design create the atmosphere of a high-profile fashion show.

An extraordinary approach to the numbers and the opportunity to see your favorite artists in new images. A rather restrained, but enthralling struggle for the title of the most stylish person in the hall will erupt on the stage. By the way, viewers will also be able to stay in the spotlight this evening.

The magazine’s experts will answer questions: how to arouse admiration of everyone, how to make it impossible to look away from you, which means to be truly in style. In addition, each of them will try on shocking images and present his vision of fashion and style.

In the program on December 5: Alexey Khlestov, Janet, Olga Plotnikova, Alexander Sukharev, Olga Kolesnikova, Shir, Inga Kiseleva, Radmila Semenova, Dmitry Nikitin, PROvocation group, Verasa ensemble, ballet theater Fusion

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