Концертная шоу - программа " Сваты "

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21 июня
90 min.
Concert program, Show program
Молодежный театр эстрады
14.00 rub. -  18.00 rub.
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Variety karaoke performance “Matchmakers” 16+

The karaoke performance “Matchmakers” is a new format for pop staging. The main action of the show is a story written by the Belarusian classic Y. Kupala at the beginning of the 20th century, “Pavlinka”. The performance, filled with famous Belarusian songs, both from folk song culture, and hits on the Soviet and modern stage, which together with the artists can be watched by any audience in the hall, in karaoke format, the text will be recorded in the video content, this form will create a good atmosphere in the hall Belarusian feast, where everyone is friends and brothers.

Alesia is a young beautiful girl, the beauty of the village and the daughter of a dungeon noblewoman who is in love with the simple but very handsome guy Taras. Mutual love and all would be fine, except that Evdakim and Angela (Alesya’s parents) against this marriage were also invited to the matchmakers' house, who, in turn, decided to woo the aunt Lipa’s son, who studies in Europe, Edward. The guests gather for a matchmaking, everyone is having fun, dancing, singing, but at the height of the party Alesya escapes with Taras. Edward is not very upset, but Natasha put her eye on him.

Alesya - Ekaterina Shumskaya
Taras - Alexander Savanets
Natasha - Natalya Pishchevich
Edward - Dmitry Nikitin
Svatya - ZinaiDa Furor (Eugene Ermolkovich)
Swat - Vladimir Nikolaev
Violetta (Edward's sister) - Diana Chernykh
Evdakim (Papa Alesi) - Vladimir Voronkov
Angela (Alesi's mom) - Olga Osipova
Lipa (mother of Edward and Violetta) - Janet
Fedorovna (mother of Taras) - Ekaterina Medvedeva
With the participation of: the ensemble "Veras" and the dance project "Fusion"


Screenwriter - Artistic Director of YOUTH THEATER OF ESTRADE Vladislava Artyukovskaya
Stage Director: Ian (Ivan) Kleschenko
Choreographers - Tatyana Trofimova and Denis Koshevoi
Sound engineers - Yaroslav Fombarov and Pavel Kukharenok
Lighting artists - Alyona Klyueva and Igor Krivulko
Video content - Vadim Nikrevich
Costume Director Assistant - Neonila Kovalenko
Stage Director Assistant - Diana Borisyonok


Event Organizer: Youth Variety Theater

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Концертная шоу - программа " Сваты ". 12+. Купить билет Minsk - 24afisha. The karaoke performance “Matchmakers” is a new format for pop staging. The main action o