Музыкальный проект " Гараж "

Delivery dates:
2 декабря
90 min.
12.00 rub. -  16.00 rub.
Age restrictions:

Famous groups, the most fashionable tracks were created not in large and fashionable studios, but in the garage, where musicians, friends, and like-minded people gathered. So the idea of such a musical project came up. We will create the atmosphere of a real garage on the stage. Combined from pallets and wheels, armchairs and sofas, a stage cabinet decorated with automotive themes, will turn the site into a stylized garage that resembles a youth music studio. We decided to experiment with the worldwide popular Late night show format and slightly transformed it to the musical theme.

On a visit to the presenters: Ivan Vabishchevich (Uncle Van) and the artist of the comedy project “Beer Together” Vladimir Nikolaev will be visited by guests - media people, prominent figures of various industries, socialites. With each guest of the program, the facilitators will conduct a short interview under the heading “Inconvenient Questions”.

These are questions that interest everyone, but it’s kind of embarrassing to ask: about personal life, about quarrels with colleagues, about how much they earn and so on. Also for each guest we will offer an interactive game, which, we hope, will give the program a creative color. Spectators are waiting for a lot of improvisation, surprises, humorous moments. And, of course, not a single guest will leave until he performs a creative number for a music program.

Organizer: GTZU "Youth Variety Theater"

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  • "Крыштальны чаравічак"   (0+)
    "Крыштальны чаравічак" (0+)
    8 июня
    5.00 - 6.00 rub.
    18 ноября
    45.00 - 50.00 rub.
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    Концертная программа " Последний звонок "
    28 мая
    10.00 rub.
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    Спектакль "Казкі дзядзькі Якуба"
    11 июня - 1 июля
    8.00 rub.
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    В поисках истинного я
    31 мая - 9 июля
    15.00 - 25.00 rub.
  • Эстрадный мюзикл " Бурлеск "
    Эстрадный мюзикл " Бурлеск "
    16 июня
    12.00 - 16.00 rub.
  • Музыкальный проект «Гараж» на сцене Молодежного театра эстрады. Афиша, описание, стоимость. ✅ Купить билеты