Паўлінка (12+)

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Peacock (12+)
Yanka Kupala
scenes from aristocratic life


Director: Lev Litvinov
Artist: Boris Malkin
Arrangement of music by J. Tsikotsky: Vladimir Kuryan

Premiere - May 23, 1944
Duration - 2 hours with intermission

In the rich repertoire of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater, the play "Paulinka" is always separate. The oldest performance of the theater enjoys great love of the audience and for many years of its existence has become a real business card, a symbol of the Kupala stage. The secret of such a unique success is a combination of bright folk characters, interesting plot, folk songs and dances, sweet-sounding language of the classic of Belarusian literature and excellent skill of the performers. During the existence of the performance, several generations of the best artists of the country took part in it, and it became a real school of stage skills. And it is with this production that the Kupala Theater opens a new season every year! People's poet of Belarus Yanka Kupala generously decorated the usual story of how a girl chose a groom against her parents' will with national color and juicy folk humor. The premiere of the play staged by the Honored Artist of the BSSR Lev Litvinov took place in 1944 in the city of Tomsk, where the theater was evacuated.

The play is in Belarusian.


Organizer: National Academic Theater. J. Kupala.

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