Сон у купальскую ноч (16+)

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28 июля
120 min.
15.40 rub.
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Sleep on a bathing night (16+)
William Shakespeare
Songs of the Elves

Directed by Andrei Prykatenko
Scenography and costumes: Olga Shaishmelashvili
Composer: Ivan Kushnir
Choreographer: Dmitry Bezzubenko
Video content creation: Gleb Kuftserin, Mikhail Mitkov
Light artist: Nikolai Surkov
Translated from English by Ales Rozanov

Premiere - September 7, 2018
Duration - 2 hours without intermission

The play is based on the most lyrical and sensual plot line of William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream - the story of young Athenians who try to find and express their passion in the night forest. Everyone is in love here, and everyone is young, beautiful, temperamental and energetic. This performance is an operation on lyrical feeling, as well as an attempt to dissect love and the diversity of human feelings that accompanies love. The mythological world of William Shakespeare's play on the Kupala stage becomes a vivid spectacle, full of dynamic music, active movement, the beauty of young bodies and voices. It is a mystery of one night, in which the saturation of emotions is expressed not only through the power of acting, but also through a variety of high-tech media resources and effects, specially selected for the implementation of the director's idea. The space of the main stage of the theater has been changed and expanded especially for the production, so the audience can take a direct part in the author's study of the whole luxury of the feelings of the heroes in love.

Organizer: National Academic Theater. J. Kupala.

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