Скрипка Шерлока

Delivery dates:
11 ноября - 16 декабря
120 min.
10.00 rub.
Age restrictions:

The host of the game is Andrey Makayonok.

Recording takes place in the usual mode, but with unusual conditions - after a simple registration, the team must pay for their participation by clicking on the ticket button, with the phone number used to register on the sherlockquiz.com website.

Teams that did not pay for the game, two hours before the game are removed from the main team.

Each team member can play from home, after contacting other teammates through any online messenger that allows this.

All team members for the game can log in through the account of the team captain.

Now you play at home, in a cozy atmosphere with your team, family, two or one! Contactless Sherlock - play with us, play online!

Ticket price:

- for teams of 1-2 people - 12 rubles

- for teams over 3 people - 24 rubles


The game has 9 classic rounds, from visual to video questions. Each round is from 6 to 8 questions with a thinking time of 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Duration of the game: about two and a half hours. Each question is voiced by the host of the game. During the game, the use of mobile phones, tablets to search for an answer on the Internet is prohibited.

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