ЦСК «Неман»

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State institution "Central Sports Complex" Neman "is one of the largest sports facilities in our city. CSK "Neman" is a modern sports complex in Grodno, where training classes and competitions in various sports are held, major sports and fitness projects are organized, concerts, exhibitions, fairs and social events are held.


The central sports complex "Neman" is open for training and competitions of athletes in boxing, wrestling (sambo, judo), fencing, weightlifting, sports and rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, athletics, football, field hockey.


In its free time from competitions and training of athletes, the sports complex is open to residents and guests of our city.


For visitors to the complex are organized - a convenient parking lot, hotel, cafe-bar and sauna.


In 2007, reconstruction of the sports complex was completed. As part of the work, the following were created:


  • stands for spectators are designed for 8.5 thousand seats;
  • new athletics core with a modern coating;
  • indoor training athletics core with 4 treadmills and sectors for high jumps;
  • field hockey field;
  • overhaul of the football field;
  • Overhaul of the existing sports halls, the Sport Hotel, and the medical rehabilitation center was completed.

During its existence, the Central Sports Complex "Neman" has become a dynamically developing facility with a powerful material and technical base, highly organized infrastructure, qualified personnel and modern techniques. The sports complex has all the possibilities for competitions of various sizes.