Киндервилейское привидение, Киномероприятие

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8 июля - 8 июля
125 min.
1.00 rub. -  1.50 rub.
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The once-promising producer Kostya is now out of work: his creative idea, which promised the author fame and fortune, failed miserably. And now the grief showman has no choice but to move with his family to the Vileika region of Belarus. Here, his family nest is an inherited old manor with a stunning park. Hmm, maybe not everything is lost yet? The resourceful entrepreneur decides on a rather risky step. But what if you turn the estate into ... an amusement town called "Kinder-Ville" - a sort of Belarusian Disneyland ?! The idea appeals to everyone except the most ancient inhabitant of the house - the evil spirit of the wizard, who in ancient times was walled up in the basement for cruelty. No self-respecting ghost will tolerate the crowds of babbling kids in the neighborhood! So, by all means it is necessary to expel a noisy family ...

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    Мисс Плохое поведение
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  • Киндервилейское привидение в кинотеатрах Минска. Афиша кино, расписание сеансов, трейлер. 🎫 Купить билеты