Сiндром Медэi (18+)

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16 октября
160 min.
Рэспубліканскі тэатр беларускай драматургіі
15.00 rub. -  16.00 rub.
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Performance "Medea Syndrome" on the stage of the Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama


Author: Julia Chernyavskaya
Genre: Tragedy
Director: Ekaterina Averkova
Artist: Elena Igrusha
Composer: Ekaterina Averkova
Choreographer: Eugene Karnyag

Premiere: March 2, 2017
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes


Everything I had merged into one,
And it was my husband…
Euripides "Medea"


The plot of Euripides is relevant to this day. Only the scenery of life and the forms of reactions change.
How does a person live and build their life within another person’s life? What does he feel after betrayal or loss? What is behind his actions?

Today we do not delve into the essence of the psychological explosion: it is enough that it happened. We easily make our verdicts in the comments on the World Wide Web to forget about it in a couple of days and switch to another story.

A superficial look at the label, hasty opinions and unwillingness to understand the other - the tragedy of more than one Medea.


Roles are performed by:

Marina is Honored Artist of Belarus Lyudmila Sidarkevich
Jan - Maxim Panimatchanka
Edik - Maxim Braginets
Galya - Grazyna Bykau
His mother is Honored Artist of Belarus Galina Chernobayeva
The neighbor is the Honored Artist of Belarus Valentin Solovyov
Girlfriend - Maria Petrovich
Choir, friends from Facebook - Maryna Zdarankova, Artsyom Kuren, Andrei Novik, Anna Semyanyaka, Siarhei Shymko


Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama

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