Детский мюзикл " В некотором царстве, в некотором государстве... или Принц - золотые уши "

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4 ноября - 5 ноября
60 min.
Молодежный театр эстрады
6.00 rub.
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Children's musical "In a certain kingdom, in a certain state ... or the Prince - golden ears" on the stage of the Variety Theater

Script writer: Vyacheslav Panin, Irina Garanets

Stage Director: Maria Tretyakova

Choreographer: Denis Koshevoy

Musical accompaniment : Alexander Sukharev, Vitaliy Skadorva

The Prince of the Golden Kingdom has grown ears ... Well, as industries, not themselves, of course, took the industry. The Prince simply didn’t study at the lesson of magic, but dabbled. But everyone knows that if a desire is voiced aloud in a lesson in magic, it will come true. And then it began ... The Queen is terrified! Her beloved only Prince has grown ears - this is a shame on the whole magical Golden Kingdom. Even the magic wand in the hands of the fairies did not help, but made it even worse. The doctor didn’t help - he was frightened, they called the veterinarian, he also fainted ... Meanwhile, in the forest, the ataman with his robber sons captured the ambassadors of a neighboring state who were sent to the Golden Kingdom ... And, as we all know , gold for robbers is the best gift. The robbers took away clothing from the ambassadors by cunning and headed for the Golden Kingdom, introduced themselves as ambassadors and ... stole the Golden Queen. And so the Prince, the fairy and the courtiers of the Golden Kingdom are sent to save their Queen! .. And how the whole story ended, you will find out in the Variety Theater!

Organizer: GTZU "Youth Variety Theater"

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    Чайка (16+)
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  • В некотором царстве, в некотором государстве... или Принц - золотые уши: афиша театра эстрады, расписание. Купить билеты