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Music, dancing, beauty! This is what I'm crazy about!

Monatik returns to Minsk with a dizzying show!


On October 24, Monatik and its team will present the show in an expanded format at the Minsk Arena. As soon as the concert of the Ukrainian artist died down, social networks did not have time to cool down from the rave reviews, as fans mark a new date in the calendar, so as not to miss a new show.


Indeed, it turned out that the scale of the artist and his army of fans is too small, and those who want to get the coveted ticket refused many times more than the site could accommodate.


«...Too often the doors were closed in front of us

So now it's not scary not to get to the dream

It's much scarier not to try.»


Monatik has been repeatedly named by critics in the mainstream media as the «Creator of a new era in pop music», as well as the «trendsetter» of dance music» (C). However, the main feature of the artist is not even in incendiary rhythms and bold musical experiments, but in the philosophy of good and faith in the dream, which he translates through his songs and poems. At the age of 23, Dima came from Lutsk to conquer Kiev, but success did not come to him immediately. He went through several talent shows where he was literally on the verge of failure. One step away from a dream.



- «Can you do it, will you be one of the strongest? Will you Shine with your vocals? I think not. I'm sure you won't Shine.»- these words of rapper Serega, said on «X-factor» in 2010, begin recording the concert with the premiere of the show "LOVE IT rhythm» in 2019.


Admiring reviews from critics merged in a single opinion – this is a historic event for Ukrainian contemporary music. NSC «Olympic», with a capacity of 100,000 spectators, was Packed to the eyeballs catching the rhythm.


This music show was the largest in the history of the Olympic stadium. The stage is as high as an 8-storey building, with about a thousand light fixtures and 795 kW of sound. There were 12 people in the dance group, and 136 pieces of clothing were specially made for them. And the preparation for the show lasted 11 months.


«My audience is completely different. At concerts, I see people of different ages, gender and status. Recently, after a performance, a beautiful woman came up to me, who brought my grandson to my concert, and asked for two autographs — for him and for herself! She said that she would live another hundred years after our concert, she liked everything so much. (Smiles) I'm getting older, and my audience is growing with me.»


Monatika fans have no age, because the language of kindness and love is clear to everyone. Dima's participation as a mentor of the Voice of Children revealed him not only as a great artist, but also as an incredibly kind, touching and empathetic person. He fell in love with everyone. There is always a huge number of children, young people, fans of dance and popular music of all ages at his concerts.



«Find a dream, believe in it and it will believe in you Spend wisely every hour, be open, look for your own right now» - says Dima in the dedication to «MINE». And we will look for «our own» in an incredible atmosphere of unity and hope on October 24 in the Minsk Arena.


Organizer: «Artist Pro»

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