Шоу - программа " Вокруг света "

Delivery dates:
14 апреля
90 min.
Show program
Молодежный театр эстрады
12.00 rub. -  16.00 rub.
Age restrictions:

The show program "Around the World" 12+

All viewers are given a unique opportunity to travel around the world and visit 14 countries in one concert. Spain, Georgia, Mexico, China, Russia, Norway, the USA, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel, France, Italy, Ukraine, India and the United Kingdom will hospitably welcome the audience and draw them into the atmosphere of national color.

Spectators are waiting for the most incendiary and bright rooms from the artists of the Variety Theater.
Each trip is a little adventure, it is funny situations and tricky cases that our main characters of the program will fall into - three travelers: comedian Vladimir Voronkov, handsome Maxim Sokol and young Andrei Kunets. An interactive program with a viewer will involve everyone in the world of travel and comic situations.


Organizer: GTZU "Youth Variety Theater"

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  • Вокруг света на сцене Молодежного театра эстрады. Афиша, описание, стоимость. ✅ Купить билеты