Brestsky Sport Complex

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State institution "Regional sports complex" Brest "


The sports complex includes four stands that can accommodate 10.169 spectators, the athletics arena, the main and warm-up athletics core, which include the main and training football field.

Surveillance cameras located around the perimeter make it possible to provide control both over the territory of the stadium and over spectator seats in the stands.


Complex services:

- organization of fees;

- hotel;

- a sauna;

- gym;

- conference hall;

- Cafe;

- stadium;

- Sport halls.


The main major sports are athletics and football. The sports complex "Brest" has become one of the main training facilities for the preparation of athletes of the Republic of Belarus. On the plane constructions of the stadium, regional, republican athletics competitions are held. This is the only complex in the country in which modern standards are fully respected, providing for the neighborhood of a full-fledged warm-up arena. In 2007, UPC USC “Brestsky” received the only IAAF (International Athletics Federation) certificate in Belarus for the stadium’s compliance with international standards, which allows it to declare the high quality of services and claim, along with foreign arenas, for athletics and football competitions world-class matches.


Sports groups conduct daily training classes at the sports base of the sports complex: Sports School "Spartak", UOR, OShSVM, "Dynamo", Brest Special School, Sports School (trampoline), BrSU.


Also, the sports complex is the main gaming stadium of the Dynamo Brest club in the major league of the Belarus Football Championship.


In order to improve the quality of services for athletes, the stadium has a gym and gyms. In the gym every day groups in various health areas are involved: sports dancing, choreography, classical aerobics, children's yoga, belly dancing.


There is also a cafe with 60 seats and a hotel with 82 seats.


Due to the fact that the sports complex "Brest" is located in the city center, it is surrounded by extensive infrastructure. Nearby is an ambulance hospital, three hotels, numerous car parks, a pharmacy, shops, a railway station, the central square of the city, a recreation park. In terms of improving the sports complex "Brest", the device for liquid heating of the lawn of the main football field, the expansion of the automated irrigation system to the training field.

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